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Aluminium ingots

Aluminum Ingots 

Since aluminum is lighter than other elements, easier to process, have heat and electricity conductivity, corrosion resistance and reusability, this element has a wide range of applications in the industrial area. These properties of aluminumare primarily used in the construction industry, the transportation industry, the packaging industry, the electrical and electronics industry, the furniture and office manufacturing industry.

Brass billet

Brass Billet

Brass billet of Elitaliminium is supplied for electricity, electronics, valves, various machinery parts, etc. as a basic material, and it is supplied flexibly depending on the demand of customersby producing with horizontal continuous casting method through high-tech automated casting facility.

Stainless Jumbo Block

Stainless jumbo blocks are valued for the enhancements they lend parts for performance in high-pressure environments, applications in which corrosion resistance is essential, and any application in general that requires greater strength or longer life out of the finished parts.

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