Production Workflow

First-class aluminum scrap supplied from Azerbaijan and various countries around the world are carefully classified by qualified and experienced personnel from the sorting department.

Elit yatirim, modern facility operating on 12000 m² open and 1825 m² closed area has reached an annual production capacity of 10000 tons. Scraps classified according to the desired alloys are processed in a reverber and rotary furnaces at a recycling facility depending on the requested standard and special alloys.

Elit yatirim, which gives importance to R&D studies, expands its quality control laboratory every year with new investments in technology, and produces in accordance with ISO 9001 quality

The metal composition, brought to the desired values in reverberatory furnaces, is transferred to metal casting conveyors and turned into ingots of standard sizes.

Aluminum ingots (as well as all other metal ingots) are packed in blocks and marked with characteristics of metal. The weight of ready-to-ship aluminum ingot block is approximately 1 ton.

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